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10 Tips On How To Sell And Make More Money On Tonaton

10 Tips On How To Sell And Make More Money On Tonaton

Selling on Tonaton is a great way to make an extra income in Ghana. For first-time users, selling online can a very challenging task.

I have pulled together some of the best tips from my personal online shopping experience to help make your selling experience profitable and worthwhile.

Here is my top 10 tips for how to sell and make money on

1. Do not use stock images, take quality photos yourself.

Most of the items on Tonaton contains stock images that a seller found online. The goal of adding images to your ad is to show your potential buyer the item in its current condition, and not a make believe imagery of what the item might look like. Showing the item as-is will booster a buyers confidence, so make sure you have taken quality photos. At the time of this writing, Tonaton allow buyers to add 5 free photos.

2. Pay attention to your description.

Details about your item is very important. Tonaton gives you enough space to help you provide all the information about your listing. If there are scratches on the mobile phone, let your buyer be aware it, concealing the real condition of your item will do you no good in the long run.

3. Focus on the title.

The title is the first thing your buyer will see, also a good title will ensure that your ad comes up when your item is searched on Tonaton. Thought should be given to your titles, i have seen titles that include characters like underscore, stars, and pluses. This is a no-no, use popular keywords and avoid unnecessary descriptive language if you want your ad to show up on top of the search results.

4. You can sell anything online.

Sure, online retailing is still in its infancy in Ghana but the act of selling is not. As the saying goes “on mans’ trash is another mans treasure”, not everyone is looking to buy a brand new out of the box item. It may look worthless to you but someone might be desperately in need of it.

5. Do your research.

If you are not sure whether your item will sell or have market value, simply do a quick search on Tonaton to see what similar ads have been posted on the site. Pay attention to the price options to help you decide on a competitive price.

6. Promote your ad.

If you want to get something off your hands quickly, consider using Tonaton’s “Promote Your Ad” feature. For a small fee, this will give potential buyers a very high probability of seeing your ad and interacting with you.

7. Include your location.

Make sure you include your physical location as Tonaton buyers in general feels more comfortable if they are buying from an established business rather than an individual without an identity.

8. Provide good customer service.

Be open to answering questions. If a buyer sends you a message with a question about your item, a prompt reply in a friendly manner will put you on the good side of your buyer and will certainly boost buyers interest.

9. Self-promotion is a must.

If you are a business or someone who sells a lot of items on Tonaton, then why not include a note or a flyer about your other items when you deliver your product to your buyer? This will encourage repeat sales, and also help spread the word about your products.

10. Learn from telcos and bundle up!

If you have a lot of smaller items that are not worth selling separately, try to include them as a bonus or extras with the larger associated items. This will add value to your items, and make your buyers feels like they are getting more for their money.

Kwadwo Ofori-Mensah
Kwadwo Ofori-Mensah is a tech blogger who loves to read & write about Blogging, WordPress, Social Media & technology.
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