5 Effective Steps For Ghanaian Businesses To Get Started On Facebook

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Social media should be part of every Ghanaian business’ marketing efforts. With the right strategy and approach in place, social media can deliver the right result for your business, from increasing your brand value to your overall revenue.

Here are 5 effective steps Ghanaian businesses need to follow to get started and be successful on Facebook:

1. What is your goal on Facebook?

As a business, you should not use Facebook just to post updates without a clear defined goal. The goal could range from increasing your brand visibility, providing customer service to existing clients, promoting a specific product or getting users to show up at your local store. You need to understand what EXACTLY you are doing on Facebook or all your efforts will be in vain.

Your marketing objective should follow a SMART goal so you can measure your performance to ensure that your Facebook activities are in sync with your overall business goal. The good news is that Facebook provides enough analytics to help you measure the impact of your activities so you can understand what is working and what isn’t.

2. Who is going to manage your Facebook page?

Your Facebook page is an important asset that shouldn’t be handled by anyone who does not really know what they are up to. It is essential for your business to understand who within your company is responsible for updating and engaging users on your Facebook page.

What is the process for responding to a customer’s inquiry? What is your SLA on responding to messages? Facebook recommends responding to your direct messages within 5-minutes of receipt, do you have someone dedicated to this task?

In addition to identifying a person, you need to also ensure that a clear process and rules are established to make sure your social media manager is adhering to your brand identity. Do not forget to enforce these rules.

3. Where will you get the content to feed your activities?

Content is king and distribution(Facebook) is queen. The success of your Facebook page will largely depend on the type of content you share with your customers. So what is your social media strategy? How does your content calendar look like? In the age of “virality”, you do not want to share a content on your page and end up being the subject of online ridicule for that week or months ahead and put your hard earned reputation at risk.

When developing your content, always take advantage of seasonal changes and significant events; for example hosting a predict & win event around a big sporting event like the AFCON or UEFA Champions League final.

4. Try to automate your activities as much as you can.

Leverage tools and resources to manage and schedule your Facebook activities. Always know that engagement is the game, and when more people “like”, “share”, “react” and “comment” on your content, you put your business on a successful path to achieving your marketing objectives.

Customers can message you as late as 2 am in the morning, and you will be required to attend to their needs even when you are away. There are 3rd party tools such as SproutSocial, HootSuite etc. that you can leverage for your social media activities such as scheduling, hashtag monitoring, listening and responding to comments. Internally, Facebook has tools like “instant replies” that you can use to respond to customers without physically being behind your computer or on the Facebook mobile app.

Do not also be in the habit of real-time posting, learn to schedule your content for publication at a later date.

5. How to tie it all together.

How do you execute all this? The first thing you should understand is that Facebook management needs people, time and most importantly a budget. In as much Facebook provides you with free tools and you can be successful with your activities on Facebook without spending money, you should look to allocating a budget for specific campaigns. You could spend as little as 4GHC($1) a day to help drive your campaigns.

Planning, strategy and an effective Facebook page management processes should be at the core of your social media execution.

As a Ghanaian business owner, do you now understand what you need to do get your business on Facebook?

Kwadwo Ofori-Mensah
Kwadwo Ofori-Mensah is a tech blogger who loves to read & write about Blogging, WordPress, Social Media & technology.
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