A Basic Guide To The Features Of Facebook Ads Power Editor

facebook power editor guide

Before you get started with the Facebook Ads Power Editor, read my overview of the Facebook ads campaign structure as it is essential for the understanding of the Power Editor.

Do you now know what a Facebook campaign structure is? Let’s move on… Did you know there is a more powerful tool than the Facebook Ads Manager? Do you want more control and advanced features to help you craft the best ad? In this post, I will walk you through some of the benefits of the Facebook Power Editor, introduce you to the interface and explain how you can create and edit your ad campaigns.

power editor


What is the Power Editor?

The Facebook Power Editor is a Facebook advertising tool created for advertisers (yes, including you) who want to create and manage multiple ads simultaneously. It is designed to help you target your ideal audience with the perfect message wherever they are.

How do you access the Power Editor?

You have heard all the good things about this awesome tool. How do you start using it? Well, to access the Power Editor, simply visit http://www.facebook.com/ads/manage/powereditor in your browser of choice or choose “Power Editor” from the Facebook global navigation bar.

how to use facebook power editor



1. Search & Filter

It is quite easy to find a campaign when you have about 10 in your portfolio, but what if you have 1000+? How do you find a particular campaign, ad set or an ad? As the feature name implies, you can use the search and filter options to find relevant information about any of your campaigns.

search filter facebook power editor


For searching, the options currently available are; Campaign Name, Ad Set Name, Ad Name, Campaign ID, Ad Set ID, and Ad ID.

facebook power editor search

You can also combine filters with search or use filters independently with these selections: Campaign Delivery, Ad Set Delivery, Ad Delivery, Objectives, Recent Campaign Changes, Recent Ad Set Changes and Recent Ad Changes.

how to filter power editor


Lastly, the “+” button can be used to add additional filter options.


2. Stats

The stats dropdown can be used to view your overall stats for the campaign duration or what happened to your ad at a particular timeframe. You have the option of selecting a date range, or utilize any of the pre determined date range such as Lifetime, Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 14 days etc.

facebook power editor stats


3. Settings

The List settings is used to customize the specific columns you want to see in your Power Editor per Campaign Structure – Campaign, Ad Set and Ad.

power editor list settings


4. Accessing your campaign structure

You can access your campaign structure – campaigns, ad sets, and ads by clicking on them in the navigation tab below the Search & Filter.

power editor navigation


5. Discard or Review Changes

After you have successfully made changes to your Campaigns, use this button to discard or review all changes you have made in the Power Editor. The “gear icon” next to the Discard / Review Changes button is used to Reset the Power Editor to its default state and a quick access to the “Keyboard Shortcuts” to help ease your navigation of the Power Editor.

The “Review Changes” will only turn “green” when a change has been made.

review changes power editor


Power Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

Get familiar with these very handy Power Editor Keyboard Shortcuts to make your life easier.

power editor keyboard shortcut

Creating a Campaign in the Power Editor.

It’s as simple as selecting the “+ Create Campaign” to begin setting up your Facebook campaign. If you have already created your campaign, you can click the “dropdown” arrow next to the “+ Create Campaign” button to set up your “Ad Set” or “Ad“.

After selection, follow the onscreen instructions to successfully set up your Facebook campaign.

create campaign power editor

Duplicating a Campaign, Ad Set or an Ad.

To create a copy of your campaigns, select the “Copy” button to duplicate the selected item. The copy icon is initially grayed out and only becomes active when an item is selected. The arrow to the right of the copy button gives you the “Quick Duplicate” option.

duplicate campaign in power editor

After selecting the “copy” icon, you have the option of choosing the number of duplicates you want to create as well setting the status of the duplicated item(s).


Now it is your turn. The Power Editor is an amazing tool to help you manage multiple campaigns. It may seem intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it, it will be a very great tool to have in your arsenal. Have you played around with the Power Editor? What are your thoughts on it?

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