How To Add Facebook Videos To Your Website

How To Add Facebook Videos To Your Website

Facebook, similar to YouTube now allow its users to embed videos on websites without having to direct the traffic back to Facebook. This means you can now embed all the videos you love and liked on Facebook unto your website for your audience to enjoy as well.

In the viral age, video marketing is proving to be an essential part of content marketing, and should not be overlooked if you seek to grow your business or increase brand awareness online. Facebook also recognizes the important of videos, and has streamlined the ability to add videos to our websites.

One important thing to know about adding Facebook videos to your website is that you can only add publicly available videos. If a video is set to private, then only those with permission to watch the video can see it even when you add it to your website.

Here is how to add Facebook videos to your website:

Step 1:

Log into Facebook and go to the video you want to add to your website. Use your mouse to go over the video and you will see four options will appear at the bottom right hand-side.

Click on “Options” and choose the “Embed Video” option.

embed facebook video

Step 2:

Copy and paste the code provided into your website.

embed facbook video on website

Here is an example of how the video will appear when you add it to your website:

Tony Yeboah Stunning Goal20 Years ago this past weekend!! Tony Yeboah did this!

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