How To Create A Facebook Business Page For Your Business

How To Create A Facebook Business Page For Your Business

One of the most frequent questions i hear from businesses in Ghana is “how do i create a Facebook business page?” or “can you help me create a Facebook page for my business?”.
To help business owners become self sufficient and increase their online presence, i am going to walk you through how you can create a Facebook business page in little time.

Facebook is one of the top 10 biggest websites and services on the Internet. According to the marketing software giant Hubspot, Facebook captures 10% of all internet visits around the globe. Moreover, those visitors spend an average of 28 minutes on the site. Those are big numbers, considering how short online attention spans have become.

As a business/organization, Facebook is one of the biggest marketing and branding weapons at your disposal at no cost to you. By creating your Facebook page, you get to directly interact with users of your product/service/website, which can help grow your brand and revenue when used the right way.

Recently, politicians are using Facebook to win the polls, musicians are using it to get more people to hear their songs and attend their shows, news organizations are using it to break news and inform people.

All these means that, you can not ignore Facebook as part of your marketing activities, doing so only means that you are losing out to the competition, and not maximizing your efforts to grow your business.

In other posts i will show you how to get the most out of Facebook for your business, but for now here is how to can create a Facebook page for your organization:

Step 1:

Log into your Facebook account, and visit the create a Facebook business page. You can get to the “create a page” page by selecting the arrow at the top right on your Facebook page and selecting the “Create Page” link from the list.

create page facebook

Step 2:

On the “Create a Page” page you will be asked to choose the type of business you want to create a page for. Choosing the right group will allow your business to reach its available audience on Facebook.
Create A Facebook Business Page

If you want to create a Facebook business page for your church, select “Local Business or Place” category and select “Church/Religious Organization” from the list. Complete the form by entering your ‘church name, address, and phone number, and click the “Get Started” when you are done.

facebook business category

Step 3:

After clicking on “Get Started”, you will add more details about your business and upload a profile picture or logo for your page. For the perfect profile picture, make sure your image size is 180 x 180. Select “Save” button when you are done.

facebook page audience

Step 4:

Congratulations! You just successfully created a Facebook business page for your organization, now let’s learn how to do basic page editing. I will go more in depth about a Facebook page in the next series of articles, so make sure you sign up to receive my newsletter so you do not miss out.

facebook page details

A On clicking the “…” button, you can:
– View your page as it looks to any visitor that visits your page.
– Remove it from your list of favorites (i will not recommend doing this, as having your page in your Favorites makes it easy to access).
– Invite your Facebook friends to LIKE your page.
– Suggest your page to others who are not your friends on Facebook, but you have access to their emails.
– Use Facebook as your page instead of your personal account.
– View your page insights (data on your page activities).
– Share your page on your personal Facebook profile.
– Create a Facebook business page.

B The “Write Something” box works similar to your personal Facebook account. You can upload photos, send updates, share links, ask questions and upload videos to engage your ‘fans’. Try and create content that are engaging for your fans, use quality images and provide valuable information consistently. Interact and create a dialogue with your fans instead of being preachy about what your organization has to offer.

C You can edit/manage your page details here.

D: This is your Facebook fan count, it shows the number of people who have LIKED your page. One of the goals of creating a fan page is to get as many people to like you, so it is very important to learn ways and tricks to increase this number. I will show you show to do this in later blog posts.

Were you able to successfully create a Facebook business page by following my instructions? Did i miss a crucial step? Join in the conversation by leaving a comment below.

Kwadwo Ofori-Mensah
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