How to Manually Submit Your Website to Alexa

How to Manually Submit Your Website to Alexa

Here, i will walk you through the most basic steps of submitting your website to Alexa.com. It is good to know that Alexa does automatically include any new registered domain on its platform, but there is an extra benefit if you manually submit your website and claim your site ownership.

Just like any other website ranking tool out there, there are major doubts about Alexa ranking in the website world, but the platform is still regarded as the standard site ranking tool. So it is imperative that you get a good ranking on Alexa.

This beginners’ guide will help you get listed and claim your site ownership on Alexa.com in no time.

Step by step guide to Submit Website/Blog to Alexa.com:

For those of you who are completely new to blogging and websites in general, Alexa is the premiere platform that rank Websites globally, and also shows a break down of leading websites per country using parameters such as; search terms, country-located rank, Global rank and many others.

Let’s get going with this tutorial, shall we?

The first thing you have to do is to create your Alexa.com account by visiting Alexa.com. There are two options available; sign up using your email or with your Facebook account. Personally, i will advice signing up with an email especially if you manage multiple websites as it will be easier to remember which login ties into which website.

After you have successfully created your Alexa account and logged in, enter your domain name in the search box at the top of the homepage or visit Alexa siteinfo to search for your domain name.

Click on certify your site’s metrics:

alexa siteinfo


It will open this pop up, then click on “View Plans and Pricing” :
alexa certify pop up

Alexa offers many plans and pricing options, but for a normal Blog, a free plan is good to begin with (for now). For a corporate or business site, I won’t mind opting for Alexa’s monthly subscription service for more exposure. You can get the complete plans and pricing details here.

For the free plan, you will see below the plans and pricing options a comment which says:

“Looking to claim a site? Take control of the info on your site’s listing on Alexa by claiming your site.”

Click on ‘claiming your site‘, you will see the option to verify your site ownership. This step is to claim your domain in alexa and edit its listing.

Claiming your site in Alexa:

Step 1: Enter your domain name in the “Enter a site URL” field and hit continue.

Step 2: You will see three options to verify your site ownership:

In Alexa you can either upload a file or add meta tag to claim your domain. You can pick any of the method, upload a verification file to root of your domain or add meta tag in head section of your site.

Some WordPress themes allow you to add your verification by simply going to Site options > Additional scripts and adding the complete verification code with meta name.

option to verify your site ownership

Make sure to clear your cache if you are using any cache plugin, and click on verify the claim. If you have followed the instructions and have done everything right here, “Your site is successfully claimed” will be displayed to you.

Step 3: Go to your dashboard, and select “Edit Site Listing” under “Site Management” menu.

alexa site management

Step 4: Here you are going to edit many important details regarding your site. You will notice that some features (Logo and links) are locked, as you need to have a pro Alexa account to completely edit your listing. Do not worry about it for now:

alexa information


When finished, click on “Save Changes” and your site details on Alexa will be updated. Though, with a free Alexa account, there are many limitations like you can’t add custom logo and get more details but for a simple site/blog it is good, and I am not sure if a pro listing on Alexa will help increase traffic to your website or has any major SEO advantage.

The benefit of claiming your site on Alexa.com is to add your site contact details, which can be very beneficial as advertisers in Ghana users Alexa to find relevant sites to advertise. More over, your site profile on Alexa look more professional and better from any other.

Have you submitted and claimed your Website on Alexa? What is your perspective on Alexa, is it worth the time or not?

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