How To Unban Someone From Facebook Page

How To Unban Someone From Facebook Page

Why do you have to unban someone from a Facebook page? As a Facebook administrator, you will come to realize that not every fan will play fair and be civilized in their contributions to your page.

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Sometimes it is imperative to weed out the bad apples who maybe spamming your page, typing abusive words towards others, or use your Page to leverage your reach to promote their business. From my experience, if a Page is not actively moderated and allow spammers to have a field day, the Page quickly attracts more spammers and before you know it, your Page has become one giant useless billboard.

Thankfully, the Facebook ban feature allows us to delete such comments and ban spammers from our Page permanently.

There are also times where people accounts may have been hacked and used to spam the social networking site. You may have to unban such people after they secure their account, and that is exactly what led to the writing of this post. A friend of a fan of one of the Pages i manage, asked if i can unblock his friend, since he has now cleared out all the spam activities from his profile.

So if you have found yourself in similar situation and wants to unban someone from Facebook page, then this tutorial will help you accomplish just that.

Here are the easy steps to follow to unban someone from Facebook page:

Step 1:

Click on “Settings” at the top right hand side of your Page.

facebook settings

Step 2:

Click on “Banned Users” on the left column (further down the list).

banned users facebook

Step 3:

Click on “unban facebook” next to the persons’ name and click on the “Unban” button.

facebook banned user

Were you able to successfully unban someone from a Facebook page? Do let me know if you have any questions.

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